War is NOT the Answer

As many Quakers will tell you, War is NOT the Answer… and this has been made very clear by the Afghanistan and Iraq wars.

Exhibit A is the Afghanistan War, the longest in our history, which has no plausible end in sight and no definition of the end goals.

As for Iraq, millions marched against that invasion in February 2003 and yet a belligerent few sent us careening into it. By most accounts it has been a disaster in terms of lives, money, and reputation for the U.S. but 43% of Americans think it was the right thing to do. We can’t learn from our mistakes if we don’t recognize them.

In spite of continuing in Afghanistan with not even a definition of how it will end,

And here we are, watching an assembly of even more belligerent gang readying us for further war. The most belligerent are the chicken hawks, never having seen the horrors of war.