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SEG - Nadia Boltz-Weber interview by Krista Tippet

Discussion led by Bill Sharp.

The program will include a video of a 2013 interview of Lutheran pastor Nadia Boltz-Weber conducted by Krista Tippet, who hosts a weekly public radio program "On Being," which explores an expansive range of religious and spiritual topics.

Ms. Boltz-Weber is an exponent of the "emerging church," a varied, amorphous movement which seeks to integrate traditional practices and beliefs with contemporary worshipers and seekers.

Her past includes a painful journey through addiction, a stint as a stand-up comic, and an authentic sense of wonder and amusement at being called to minister to what she calls "the underside." Her tattoos and piercings make her appearance unforgettable. Her insights into the nature of belief and worship are haunting, inspiring, and at times, hilarious.

Among the topic explored in the interview:

  • The importance of community

  • Welcoming (and identifying) the stranger

  • The role of ritual, liturgy, and creed

  • The necessity of ecclesiastic authority and discipline ("Bishops were made for people like me.")

  • Grace

  • The nature of Christ and the meaning of the crucifixion

  • Pride, humility, and renewal

  • The importance of showing up (she calls Mary Magdalene the patron saint of showing up)

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Later Event: April 15
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