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Spiritual Exploration Group - from the Depths... Grief and spiritual exploration following the death of a loved one

Tim Nanneman will lead the next SEG program. We gather at the social hall at 8:30 AM and we will finish in time for 10 AM Meeting for Worship.. All are welcome, there is no preparation required.

Bereavement. Depression. Sadness. Grief. These are not easy matters. Yet every one of us faces times in our lives when things are so intensely difficult, it can feel like almost too much to bear. The devastation from the loss of a loved one shakes us to our core. The pain we feel is sharp, deep and very real.

This discussion will, of course, draw from my own personal past and continuing experiences related to the death of my son, Christopher. Unfortunately, there are others in our Meeting who have had to personally face similar challenges, and rare is the person who is not touched by some overwhelming grief at some point in their lives.

There is no shortage of spiritual exploration that results from grief that the discussion could touch upon. A few examples include:

·         Support from the Meeting/family/friends/support groups

·         Quaker memorial services

·         Spiritual signs from the loved one

·         Prayer

·         Communing with nature

·         Comforting readings

·         How different people process grief in their own way


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Meeting for Worship
Later Event: August 18
Meeting for Worship